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1. Ofner Wolfgang (04.12.2017)
Accessibility und Usability im e-Government Bereich
FH Wr. Neustadt;
2. Jobst Robert (28.11.2017)
Einfluss von Industrie 4.0 auf die mittelständische Maschinenbaubranche in Niederösterreich
FH Wr. Neustadt; Wirtschaftsingenieur
3. Theuer Christina (07.11.2017)
Genetic variants associated with high-risk colorectal adenomas
FH Wr. Neustadt;
4. Popykhach Iuliia (02.11.2017)
Conversion elements of fashion e-commerce platforms (Using the example of ASOS and Zalando)
FH Wr. Neustadt;
5. Afanaseva Olga (02.11.2017)
Viral Marketing and Generation Y
FH Wr. Neustadt;
6. Demidko Diana (02.11.2017)
Luxury brands in the digital world
FH Wr. Neustadt;
7. Volcko Martin (02.11.2017)
An analysis of brand fit and brand extensions – A study involving a sport brand
FH Wr. Neustadt;
8. Veljovic Dušan (02.11.2017)
Designing and Forming Habits in Start-ups
FH Wr. Neustadt;
9. Yücesan Sencer (31.10.2017)
The effect of wall curvature on the global stability of a two sided lid driven cavity
FH Wr. Neustadt;
10. Alexandropoulos Timotheos Nikolaos (31.10.2017)
Extension of a Fluid Properties Database Tool
FH Wr. Neustadt;

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